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Packing and Moving Services  

Do you need to shifted your goods to another city? Whatever method of strategy you adopt to move, efficient packing reduces chance of damage. People at Agarwal Fast and Safe Cargo ensure that only the top quality packing materials have been used to pack your valuable goods. Extra care is given to pack highly vulnerable items such as TV, Computer, Glassware, Designer Lights, Gifts etc. We use top quality packaging materials such as air-bubbled sheets, water proof plastic sheets, wooden and plastic cartons and such other customized materials which may be required as per the nature and type of goods to be shifted. We have vast resources to pack household as well as commercial goods on large scale.

How Agarwal Packers are Different

  • Vast range of packing services for local and international shifting
  • Effective Management of Tax, Customs and other regulatory affairs
  • Well trained and experienced professionals
  • Live customer support
  • 24×7 customer support with status updates
Corporate Relocation  

Agarwal Fast and Safe Cargo Pvt. Ltd has extensive experience of shifting commercial goods to and from various cities across India and abroad. Agarwal Fast and Safe Cargo cater to the diverse shifting requirements of Office Shifting, Factory Shifting, Corporate Shifting, Commercial Shifting, Machinery Shifting, Furniture Shifting, Vehicle Transportation services among others. As commercial goods tend to have more monetary value than that of household goods, these deserve utmost safety and care. Agarwal Fast and Safe Cargo deploys well-trained and highly experienced who go above and beyond their customers’ expectations to deliver utmost satisfaction. Corporate shifting solutions are available for diverse businesses including telecom, banking, insurance, automobile, army, government, FMCG, Petroleum and many more.

Industrial and Export Services  

Agarwal Fast and Safe Cargo Pvt. Ltd simplify the process of import and export for various goods. Whether you wish to export goods or you plan to import goods from any foreign country you need to adopt most efficient services. There are many aspects which need to be considered. Right from packing, loading, shipping, unloading and storage management are vital aspects which need to be handled well. When you choose Agarwal Fast and Safe Cargo you can be sure that your goods will remain in safest hands.

What services can be hired?

All types of goods can be shifted with the robust shifting services from AFSC. Our team of shifting professional comprise of skilled and experience people who have vast experience of delivering top quality services across various industries including automobile, perishable and non-perishable items, garments, luggage, Electronic, Electrical and/or such other services which you may be in need of.

International Service  

Agarwal Fast and Safe Cargo are at the front of providing highly efficient customized services as per your specific requirements for global moving. For example, if you are a manufacturer you often need to shift your valuable goods to different locations wherever you find a promising market. It is with the commitment and experience of shifting professionals at Agarwal Fast and Safe Cargo that your goods are transferred across borders without any hassle. We have our dedicated team to facilitate smooth shifting or cargo and manufactured goods. Our collective efforts enable effective management of large scale cargo. Our standard international cargo services cover :

  • Cost Management
  • Designing of affordable shifting package
  • Loading and Departure Services
  • Destination Cargo management
  • International Tax regulation management
  • Current Assignments project
  • Cross Cultural and Language Training
  • Customs and other regulatory clearances
Warehousing Services  

When you need to store your goods during the course of its transit store rooms at Agarwal Fast and Safe Cargo have full-fledged storage facilities to ensure all types of goods. We maintain strict storage and upkeep standards while storing your goods. It is with our commitment that Agarwal Fast and Safe Cargo has established among the most reliable and sought after service providers. If you wish to get your goods in the safest environment Agarwal Fast and Safe Cargo is the natural choice. We have vast storage spaces in various cities across the country.

Features of Warehousing Services

  • Safe Storage areas
  • Strict Security Arrangements
  • No-Damage
  • Regular Quality Checks
  • Moisture and Germ-free precautions
  • Low-cost customized storage plans
Careful Loading-Unloading  

We simplify and smoothen the most tedious task of shifting-Loading & Unloading. We deploy some of the most experienced and highly trained professionals who go above and beyond their customer’s expectations to deliver your goods at your desired destination within the stipulated time period. Whether you are planning to move your household or commercial goods our team will handle everything from A-Z of shifting so that your goods are delivered right at your doorstep.

Our Specialties

  • We use Globally acclaimed shifting practices
  • Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority
  • We give individual attention
  • We use top quality packaging materials
  • We are ready to assist in everything you want for smooth shifting
Relocation Service  

Agarwal Fast and Safe Cargo Pvt. Ltd., offer customized services for moving to and from all Indian cities. We offer a wide array of relocation services for short as well as long distance journey. Our relocation services stand out from other run-of-the-mill service providers who believe in delivering your goods anyway. However, we at Agarwal Fast and Safe Cargo Pvt Ltd, believe in shifting “The Way you Want”. It is with this commitment that has made us the most preferred moving service provider.

Local Relocation Services
Do you need to shift in the same city? Well, if you are living in a city you are well aware how busy the streets can be. If you shift on your own using your car it is going to take days or even weeks. When you choose to move with Agarwal Fast and Safe Cargo, we use high-grade skills and expertise to ensure faster delivery of your goods.

National or Long Distance Shifting
We have customized shifted plans for all India moving. Whether you wish to move from Delhi to Mumbai, Pune or other long distance cities we will deploy well-maintained highly capacity heavy vehicles to ensure smoother shifting of your goods. We also arrange International Shifting, Cargo Management and Export. 

Car Carrier Services  

Moving is car is something holding most “Valuable emotions” that you tend to keep with your lovely car. We know that even a single scratch on its body can hurt your heart deeply. That is why we give personal touch while shifting your car. We have customized car transportation services for car dealers, manufacturers, auction-exhibitions, vehicle remarketers and households. We have well-maintained highly capacity containers to accommodate your car. Whether you own a sweet small size car model or you proudly own a big size car model such as Toyota Innova, WagonR, Tata Safari, Scorpio etc. we at Agarwal Fast and Safe will deploy best resources to ensure safest delivery of your goods.

We also handle all regulatory and customs clearance services. All such services are dealt by well qualified and experienced professionals.

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